Welcome to NaviTek Group

NaviTek Group optimizes outsourcing solutions by leveraging a variety of unique core competencies. This offers you a single point of contact and accountability.

The NaviTek Group offers outsourcing solutions to the Transportation, Medical, Electronic, Consumer, Energy and Aerospace industries. NaviTek Group provides product & process design engineering services, precision component machining, prototype development, finished goods manufacturing and supply chain management.

Contract Engineering

NaviTek provides engineering solutions for Product Design, Process Development, Prototyping and Tool Design by leveraging the knowledge and expertise of the group’s engineers, prototyping experts, toolmakers and manufacturing professionals.
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Precision Machining

Since 1953, we have been providing high quality precision machined components and parts to leaders in the automotive, medical, electronic, consumer and aerospace industries. In-house capabilities range from conventional machining to full CNC. Our engineering department supports AutoCAD® and SolidWorks® platforms.
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Contract Manufacturing

NaviTek provides lower cost manufacturing and allows you to optimize your processes, reduce lead times and save valuable floor space. We provide practical manufacturing solutions that are tailored to your specific need and application.
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